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Dear Friends,

When I am asked to come up with the adjectives to describe KleinLife, three immediately come to mind: caring, cutting-edge and relevant. I am really happy to report that KleinLife is as relevant, if not more so, as it has been in the last 40 years! The true testament to our relevancy and vitality is the fact that we have served over 35,000 people a year and our daily traffic is over 1,200!

Here is just a brief overview of KleinLife’s 2014 accomplishments:

Senior Services

  • We have served over 6,300 seniors through a variety of socialization, nutrition, wellness, and fitness services
  • We have served over 140,000 meals to our seniors, a 20,000 increase in comparison with last year
  • We have opened a new prescription center to continue bringing healthy living conveniences, such as The Wellness Center and Dental Center, to our seniors
  • We continue to be the largest and, I believe, the most sophisticated senior center in the City of Philadelphia


Children and Youth Services

  • Our afterschool program now serves 110 children in our general program and about 60 children in the Russian program
  • We serve over 300 children in our camp programs


Services to the Jews from the Former Soviet Union

  • We continue to serve close to 5,000 Jews from the Former Soviet Union through a variety of services
  • Over 2,000 New American Jews attended the High Holiday Services
  • Over 500 Russian Jewish children participate in the daily activities of KleinLife
  • 30 New American Jewish children participated in the Generation-to-Generation program, interviewing Holocaust survivors and recording their stories. As a result, a book with these stories will be published in the next couple of months


What does this mean?
It means that our active adult program has become a standard in service presenting huge and very unique opportunities to grow. It has been proven that centers like ours can keep seniors independent for a longer period of time and delay their admission to assisted living facilities.

It means that our health and fitness services are bringing more options for healthy living. Offering SilverSneakers® and Silver&Fit® fitness plans have made it easy to exercise as a senior. Our sports leagues and fitness classes keep being healthy fun. And The Wellness Center, The Dental Center and The Prescription Center are just the beginning of what’s to come.

It means our neighborhood children will be gaining a brighter future with our provided afterschool activities. Not only do the local families look at us as providers of the inexpensive and high quality services for their children, our afterschool and camp programs also afford them an opportunity to stay employed without worrying about their children not being taken care of.

It means KleinLife continues to play a very vital and unique role in the lives of the Jews from the Former Soviet Union. This is the first place that has opened its doors for them upon their arrival and it is still the place most of them associate themselves with when it comes to ANYTHING Jewish.

KleinLife will continue to be a gateway to a stronger community.

I would like to thank the board, our funders, volunteers and staff who make it all possible throughout the year. I am really proud to lead this important and relevant organization and I really hope you will share this pride with me!

May we go from strength to strength in 2015!





Andre Krug
President & CEO