kleinlife safety, active adult community safety, senior safety

We recently put in new secure doors at our entrances. To keep all who enter our doors safe, our front entrance is only for employees and our back parking lot entrance is used for KleinLife members and the general public.

We have placed KleinLife member card readers in front of the member entrance on the left side of the guard booth for you to be able to swipe your card to enter our facility.

Anyone without a member card is asked to check in with the guard and use the public entrance on the right side of the guard booth.

How to enter for KleinLife members:
• Swipe your member card at card reader located to the left of the guard booth and right of the member entrance door.
• After the card reader reads your card, you may enter through the member entrance in front of you.

How to enter for the general public:
• Check in with guard at entrance to the right of the guard booth.
• After speaking with the guard, they will let you know if you can enter through the public entrance in front of you.

Notes to card holders:
• After swiping your card at the door, you will still need to scan it at the front desk.
• Please store your card away from your cell phone and other electronics to prevent your card from deactivating. If this happens, your card will need to be reactivated at the front desk.

Your safety is a priority at KleinLife. Thank you for your cooperation.