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During the pandemic, our Home Delivered Meals operations has changed. Cook For a Friend volunteers were unable to meet to prepare meals and the need for meals became greater with more seniors in need. At this time we a serving frozen prepared meals form a local kosher caterer. Since Philadelphia is now in the “green phase”, we will be ending deliveries for congregant meal participants and offering other ways to receive meals if you still need them. As of September 20, 2020, any client that signed up after March 11, 2020 has new options for getting meals.

PCA’s Grab & Go Meals: This allows you to order up to 5 meals per week one week ahead of time and pick them up at KleinLife or a participating center closer to your home. First day of distribution is September 29, and will continue every Tuesday after.
• Becoming a Home Delivered Meals Program Client: If you think you still need your meals delivered to you, KleinLife’s Home Delivered Meals program is available for you to participate in. You may receive up to 7 meals a week at $5/meal. The meals are delivered every other week.
PCA’s In-Home Support Program: If you really cannot leave your home AND cannot afford $5/per meal at this time, you may be eligible for the PCA In-Home Support program. If eligible, the meals are free. You can contact PCA directly at 215-765-9040.
• Payment Options: If you are found ineligible by PCA for their free meals AND cannot afford $5/meal at this time, please let us know and someone will call you back to discuss other payment options.

Questions? Contact the Community Services Department at 215-698-7300 x194.

KleinLife’s Home Delivered Meals program currently serves homebound seniors in the following areas of Philadelphia: Northeast, South, Center City, and City Line Avenue. We also serve in Abington and Cheltenham Townships, and we continue to add neighborhoods based on demand.

Because of the pandemic, we only carry catered meals from Betty the Caterer. We maintain an inventory of meat, poultry, fish, dairy and vegetarian pasta meals. Individuals may choose from these categories to customize their bi-weekly delivery of 5-14 meals.

Payment for meals are through a monthly invoice.

For more information, contact the Community Services Department at 215-698-7300 x194.