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The Social Services staff are here to assist you and your loved ones with a variety of challenges faced as we get older. KleinLife will provide you with the following services for FREE: Custom Tour of Facility, Review of Programs and Resources Available, Initial Evaluation and Information and Referral.

Ongoing support and referral services available for FREE: Short Term Counseling, Family Mediation, Group Counseling, Medicare Benefits Review, Assisted Living and Nursing Home Transition, Medical and Health Related Issues (including adaptive equipment), Utility Shut Off Notice Resolutions and Advocacy

Additional programs include Health and Wellness Produce Garden, Onsite Nurse, Apprise Insurance Counseling, Jewish War Veteran Services, Energy Conservation Programming and Seniors Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.

Services for family and loved ones include Care Giver Resources, Disease Management and Phone Consultation Services.

Appointments may be made Monday through Friday between 9:00am-4:30pm at 215-698-7300.