Soccer Club

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Enhance your child’s soccer skills from the teachings of two accomplished soccer professionals! Youth ages 4-14 will learn specific conditioning activities that can help enhance a players’ technical skill and have the necessary strength to be a great challenger in a soccer match.

Highlights of the program includes:

  • Private and Team Sessions
  • Exercise and Fitness Coordination
  • Middle School Athletic Test Preparation
  • Discipline, Speed, and Agility Soccer Conditioning


Mikhail Nogtev

Mikhail is a graduate of the Metallurg Football Academy and played soccer professionally as a goalkeeper. In his professional player career, he has won The Ukraine Cup and other international competitions. While her was the head coach at the Juventus FC Lebanon Academy, he has won many international competitions.

For more information, contact Mikhail at 267-269-5435.

Alexander Tomakh

Alexander is a graduate of the FC Shakhtar Donetsk Football Academy and former professional soccer player. He has played on teams of masters of the first and major leagues and is a Champion of Ukraine and international competitions.

Youth Athletic Development

We’re here to help the athletes of tomorrow achieve their performance and fitness goals! This program led by accomplished Olympian Mariya Ryemyen, is developed for kids (ages 7+) who are looking to improve their athleticism using basic movement techniques and skilled training.

Highlights of the program includes:

  • Weight Training
  • Strength and Agility Drills
  • Running Techniques
  • Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

Mariya Ryemen

Mariya has made numerous competitive stopovers that have included the 2012 Olympic games in London, and the world and European championships in 2012 in Helsinki, 2011 in Paris and Daegu, 2010 in Barcelona and 2013 in Gothenburg.

During those competitions, Ryemyen ran in 60-meter and 200-meter individual races and as part of 4×100-meter relay teams. At the Olympic games in London, she and her teammates took the bronze medal in the 4×100-meter relay, setting a national record for Ukraine. Her personal best times are 7.15 seconds in the 60-meter race (indoor) and 11.27 seconds in the 100-meter race. She currently is the Athletic Director at KleinLife.

For more information, contact Mariya at 215-698-7300 .