Get yourself moving and energized with any of our fitness classes.

Exercise at Home on Zoom

Exercise with Mariya

Mariya Ryremyen will have you sweating while having fun. With upbeat music and both standing and sitting exercises, you’ll be energized and ready to take on the rest of the week.

Mondays & Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30am

Zumba with Olga

Have fun working out with Olga Krupenkina. This Latin dance fusion exercise keeps you on your feet and looking forward to the next steps. Olga will keep you smiling with her positive energy.

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00pm

Yoga with Olga

Wind down and feel your body relax with Olga Krupenkina. Through a series of stretches both sitting and standing, Olga will help ease your mind, body, and spirit.

Thursdays, 12:00-1:00pm

To sign up and receive a Zoom link to this class and others in our exercise at home series, contact Mariya at [email protected].

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For more information about fitness classes, contact Mariya at

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