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I’m sure you remember how cold it was last winter…one snow storm after another. It’s a winter I know I will never forget. KleinLife made sure I had food and fuel! • Bessie, Center City, 95

I look forward to taking the CCT van to KleinLife everyday. By helping to care for others, I am also caring for myself. KleinLife let’s me live independently and with dignity. • Anne, Northeast Philadelphia, 88

Without KleinLife, I would not have the friends and happiness I have. KleinLife is my home away from home. • Anne, Montgomery County, 89

KleinLife offers me programs that I love and a place to hang out with my friends. KleinLife makes me love being Jewish and love Israel. • Natalia, Northeast Philadelphia, 11

Interviewing my grandmother (about her personal struggle in Russia during the Holocaust) was an inspiring and eye-opening experience for me. I now feel more directly connected to the vivid story of my family and the history of the Jews who suffered during this time. KleinLife connects me with my past and strengthens my ties to my heritage. • Lily, Ukraine, 16

Last year, our supporters made it possible for…
6,500 Seniors to live independently and successfully
160,000 meals to be served and/or delivered by over 1,000 volunteers
2,000 Jewish men and women from the former Soviet Union to attend High Holiday services
350 children to receive educational and enrichment support through KleinLife’s after-school and camp programs

YOUR gift to KleinLife makes a difference to our seniors, members of our Russian community, children in daycare and those in summer camp.

Help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary! Support our voices! Please consider making a gift to KleinLife before December 31, 2015 that will help those who look to KleinLife for support.


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